Unstuffing & Stuffing, Devanning: Container

Our warehouse provides full scope of unstuffing & stuffing for all kinds of containers: 20’, 40’FT, FR’ & OT’: Devanning & wood choking to secure cargoes such as crates, pallets or even heavy machinery. We do have the equipment to operate and lifts, also we have the certifications for lashing and devanning.

Storage Indoor & Outdoor

Our warehouse has the facility to provide both indoor & outdoor with an available space of 30,000 Sqm. With a total of 3 indoor warehouses with space of 15,000 Sqm, our warehouse provides rental contracts daily up to yearly.

Warehouse Management Systems

Our warehouse uses technology to fulfill clients' needs by using barcoding applications and (WMS) Warehouse management systems to increase the demand for receiving and dispatching cargoes to clients.

Cross Docking

Our warehouse has a full facility to provide cross docking service, which helps solve a solution for clients in terms of Just In Time (JIT) order to clients.

Unloading & Reloading by crane

Our warehouse has a space both indoor & outdoor for storage oversize & heavy cargoes, also we do have equipment and a team to support the Loading & Unloading process using Crane & forklifts.